Frequent questions

1. How do i get started?

Just simply invite Crekto to your server using the provided link, then get yourself familiar with the commands and have fun!

2. Is Crekto open source?

Crekto is not open source for several reasons. Crekto is a public bot and platform that is comprised of multiple services, which also depend on multiple services, we do not plan to make it self-contained and distributable.

3. Are botting or other similar activities allowed?

Any actions performed to gain an unfair advantage over other users are explicitly against the rules. This includes botting and using macros.

4. What language is the bot written in and what library do you use?

Crekto is written in Javascript and it takes use of the Eris library.

5. How do XP and Credits work?

XP is gained every time you talk with a 1 minute cooldown. XP is not determined by the size of the message. You will not get more XP just because the message is bigger. XP is randomized from 10-20.

You get credits for Talking, Leveling, and Using verious commands and minigames. Credits are global and cannot be modified by a command